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General Overview

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is a privately held, Yukon corporation based in Dawson City, specializing in environmental protection and cleanup services. The major activities are oil spill cleanups on land or water. In addition spill containment and spill prevention products are also part of the product line. The primary focus is bioremediation. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is committed to meeting the needs of the North's expanding environmental awareness brought about by new legislation. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is applying techniques successfully tested and used in Canada and other parts of the world and which were researched and adapted to the northern climate.


OIL GATOR®, a microbial oil absorbent heads up the product line. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is the authorized distributor for this product with an increasing sub-distributor net throughout the Yukon and Western Arctic. The AQUAMAT 96 is a Swiss invented Oil/Water separator. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has the North American distribution rights and is a licensee for the unit as well. Liner material and berm products, for secondary containment are available. Spill Kits and Spill prevention products are complementing the wide array of products helping protect our environment. Warehoused in Whitehorse and Dawson City.


SEEWOLF Enterprises can provide comprehensive cleanup services from the emergency response, site investigation and soil testing, to restoration planning and project implementation.

Competitive Advantages

Martin Gehrig, President of SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd., came to the Yukon in 1980. Working in and out of the territories in the marine, mining and trucking business has proven valuable for the present business venture. Working throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region has further broadened his knowledge about environmental problems and solutions.

SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. has conducted various field and laboratory test to confirm the same success OIL GATOR® is achieving in southern climates. The only variation from these results is due to the long winter season in the north, affecting the speed of the bioremediation process.


There is still a myth amongst many that environmental clean-ups require high tech, expensive solutions. SEEWOLF Enterprises Ltd. is striving to achieve the balance necessary in raising environmental awareness and outcomes in the most cost-effective, least intrusive manner.

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